May 2017 Messenger

On Sunday, April 23, we said farewell to our beloved deacon, Edrice Viechweg. She was a wonderful presence in our midst over the past five years. We wish her well in her new call, and we hope to see her often in the years to come…”My heart is full and overflowing. Thanks to you and my St. Francis family, I experienced a small taste of Heaven yesterday. I must admit that I knew I was appreciated, but I truly did not know how much I was loved. My years at St. Francis have been a blessing to me, my family, relatives and friends who were fortunate enough to visit with us. From the moment I enter the grounds of St. Francis, I am enveloped with a sense of peace, and everyone whom I have invited speak of the love they feel when they enter the Church and are so warmly greeted by everyone…”

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