News from St. Francis 10/30 – 11/6/16

Muslims are out to kill us all,” opined the man with whom I was speaking. It was a strange statement to me within a conversation that was stranger still on a day that was truly bizarre. “All Muslims?” I asked. “Yes,” came the swift reply. Then, “Well, maybe not all of them, but the majority, and they all support overthrowing us.” (I’m always intrigued by what the us truly stands for in many conversations.) “Do you know any Muslims?” I asked. “No,” he shot back. “Perhaps it would be good to get to know some to see what they really think and desire,” was my final statement on the matter. Perhaps, it would be good to get to know a Muslim to see what he or she really thinks and desires. What a novel thought. And what a difficult thing to do if we do not find ourselves in circles where meeting a Muslim and having that conversation is very easy.

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