News from St. Francis 11/13 – 11/20/16

As I texted with my brother in Montana on Wednesday morning following the recent presidential election, he wryly responded to the query of how he was doing with, “So, the Canadian Immigration Website has crashed. . .” In response to the same question, my sister living in St. Paul, MN, offered, “Well, Minnesota elected Jesse Ventura as governor and we survived.”…Clearly, there was far too little levity throughout the whole campaign. And with the election result another odd recurring theme of a split Electoral College vote and a popular vote, it is equally clear that we seem more and more divided in this country. The threads that connect us continue to fray. However, what I want to say in this piece is that precisely at this divisive moment, we need to actively engage the work of binding together the fraying of our public discourse, interchange, and action. For those who opposed the election of Donald J. Trump, this is not the end of the world. And for those who voted for him to be the 45th president of the United States, there is much work that remains so that what Martin Luther recognized as the fundamental task of government-the care of its citizenry-may thrive.
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