News from St. Francis 12/18 – 12/25/16

The vestry met this past Wednesday, and Audrey Roco presented a reflection during our beginning prayer service. It is a wonderful lesson and expansion by her on our own journeys. Enjoy. . .

I was reading my grandson a book a few weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised at the amazing lesson at the end. I can’t remember the title but I remember the lesson.

In a town of Chinese rats, a rich empress dressed in fine silk stood in the middle of a crowd of simple town-rats scurrying in the muddy pavements left after a heavy rain. She would not budge from her little mound for fear that mud would stain her beautiful garb. She barked at the other rats to carry her but the more she fumed, the more obnoxious she was, the less inclined any of the rats felt about carrying her.

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