News from St. Francis 12/25 – 1/1/17

December 21st has come an gone. Farewell December 21, for 2016. We’ll catch you next year in your new 2017 iteration. I love the Winter Solstice. In the past, I dreaded it because of the long Minnesota winters. But now–and it’s not just the more temperate Connecticut climate–I have an insight into why the ancients celebrated so at this time of year. The light is returning. Ever so slightly. Almost imperceptible at first. But the light is coming back. And there is a rhythm of hope that corresponds to the rhythm of the seasons. Darkness will yield to the light, only to recapture more real estate beginning on June 21. The rhythm may seem endlessly circular and, at times, meaningless. Though, these changes of seasons are tangible reminders–myriad reminders breaking in or breaking forth all around us, physical, elemental, earthly–that we aren’t just reliving the same things again and again, but we are connected and living with the whole of creation.

The Feast of the Incarnation–Christmas–is one of the seasonal reminders of this reality. God literally with us. In the flesh.

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