News from St. Francis 12/4 – 12/11/16

This past Sunday, Edrice Viechweg offered the second “What St. Francis means to me.” In her inimitable way, Edrice captures well the spirit here. It’s well worth the read. . .

Today, like every Sunday, as I pull up in front of the church, I am overcome by a sense of calm and thankfulness. It is as if I am leaving the hustle and bustle of the world behind for a few hours, and I am entering a space where I can truly be at peace with myself.

A few weeks ago when Mark asked me to say a few words about St.Francis, I agreed to do so, but didn’t think about what I would say until a few days later. That was actually the day when I emailed Mark to ask him if he would baptize the baby who became a part of our church family two weeks ago at our 70th anniversary celebrations.

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