News from St. Francis 8/7 – 8/14/16

Update on the Refugee Family that St. Francis and others have supported (a note from Jean Meyer):  Thank you for your continued prayers for this family.   They are adjusting to a new country, a different language, English instruction, schools, and the myriad medical appointments that are difficult.  They have made great strides in just three months.  “Our” 16 year old has been in summer school at High School, has had surgery on her ankles, is progressing very well with Physical Therapy, and is looking forward to walking some day. Four of them have bicycles now, which has brought great joy and new transportation possibilities.  Piano lessons for the 16 year old and Karate for the 12 year old have begun, with ballet lessons for the 5 year old planned for September.  Trips to parks, the Ferguson library, Stamford Nature Center and the Maritime Center have been fun.  Upcoming trips to the Bronx Zoo , NYC, the Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum are planned.

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