News from St. Francis 10/15 – 10/22/17

“What about detaining a nursing mother and removing a child from his or her mother seems like a good idea?” This was a question posed by one of the presenters from Asylum Seekers Advocacy Project at a panel discussion last night sponsored by Building One Community. It was in response to a question about trying to understand and engage with those who oppose immigration, asylum, and refugee status for individuals. The question cuts to the heart of the debate on immigration in general and certainly regarding asylum and refugee status in particular. We may disagree on exactly what is necessary for immigration reform. We may hold differing views on how many asylum seekers and refugees should be allowed into the country. We can debate the best ways to encourage sensible and meaningful change. Hopefully, however, we can all agree that locking up a nursing mother seeking asylum and keeping her from her child are not one of the things that we should be doing.

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