News from St. Francis 10/21 – 10/28/18

During the most recent Stamford clergy meeting, one of our members, Dale Pauls, offered a review of the books that he has read and facilitated discussions on over the past three years in the Interfaith Book Group. The list is impressive. As is Dale. What struck me as Dale offered brief synopses of some of the books was the depth of analysis that he brought to the various pieces and the concise synthesizing of the thrust of each author’s argument. If you know Dale, you know that he is not the type of person to toot his own horn. Thus, an opportunity to discuss readings in current affairs offered an unexpected window into the gifts of this remarkable man. Had he not done this, we may never have known the depth of skill of one of our own. Please find Dale’s reading list here. Some books will be obvious. Others not so much. All of them come recommended, and Dale knows what he is talking about.

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