News from St. Francis 10/22 – 10/29/17

I want to share a moment with you that, when I looked to find what I had written about the incident, I realized happen exactly a year ago tomorrow. October 19th of 2016. Coincidence? Or a Sign? That day I had an important business meeting in NYC in an office building near Battery Park at 3pm. I boarded a train in Stamford at 12:25 pm, giving myself a good hour cushion to be there on time and prepared. The conductor announced, at about Greenwich, that the train had a technical failure, and they were going to take the train out of service. This turned out NOT to be the kind of “take the train out of service” that is to park the train at the Greenwich station, and put all the passengers on a working train. Oh no. This meant we limped along at about 10 mph for the duration of the trip. The planned arrival for 1:15 became 2:05 pm.

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