News from St. Francis 10/28 – 11/4/18

Food for Thought. . .
During the opening faculty and staff meetings at King School this year, the new head of school, Dr. Karen Eshoo, invited everyone to participate in a brief but interesting exercise of seeing where others on the staff and faculty worked. The entire staff was divided into groups. Each person in one’s group would show the rest of the group where their work was done. Chemistry teachers showed off the cache of chemicals in their rooms. Lower School teachers identified the various “stations” within their rooms for various activities. The IT people showed off the various servers supporting the school. The grounds crew waved their arms to convey that the fields, plantings, and buildings were all a part of their purview. You get the picture. It was a helpful activity in understanding–however briefly and casually–the lives and activities of others who were all critical to the vibrancy of the school.

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