News from St. Francis 11/12 – 11/19/17

As we consider pledging for the 2018 budget year and our ministry together, Cathy Ostuw helped us reflect on what St. Francis means with her presentation on Sunday, November 5. Thank you, Cathy, and thank you all for considering to support our life together.

If you’re sitting here this morning you are part of a very clear minority population —that is, people who are attending church this Sunday. There are lots of statistics about church affiliation and attendance, and some of them are conflicting, but without a doubt the number of people who attend a church service on any given Sunday is definitely a minority. I’ve seen the number 20% but I suspect it may even be lower than that. So, WE are all people who, for whatever reason, think that a connection to a church is important, and we each have different reasons for that. I’d like to tell you a little bit this morning about why church is important to me, and in particular, why St. Francis church is important to me.

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