News from St. Francis 1/20 – 1/27/19

Food for Thought
A young high school student recently reflected about her life and how she makes sense of her reality. She was responding to a prompt that began the World Religions course that she was taking. Of all the possible aphorisms and moralisms that she might have drawn on–believe in yourself, keep your nose to the grindstone, the sky is the limit if you just believe, etc.–she decided to reflect on the serendipity of her situation. Paraphrasing her work, she commented that she lives in southwestern Connecticut, yet she realizes how accidental this is. What are the odds? How many billions of people are there in the world? And how does the randomness of their birth impact them? She could just as easily have been born in any other country in the world and experience an entirely different reality from the one that she knows. Pretty insightful and brave for a teenager.

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