News from St. Francis 12/10 – 12/17/17

I’ve written about this before, but the image is so rich and evocative that I can’t help but draw an experience during the 2004 Parliament of the World Religions held in Barcelona. Among the 4500 attendees was a large contingent from the Sikh community throughout the world. Indeed, there were so many who travelled to Barcelona that they set up their own tent community next to the convention facility where we gathered daily. On the opening night of the week long conference, a representative of the Sikh community rose to speak. He noted that after they prayed in their gurudwara, they would share a meal. All those who were present, according to their tradition, were welcome to the meal. Therefore, he noted, the whole conference–all 4500 people–were welcome to what the Sikhs call langor. That is each day of the week everyone was welcomed to a free meal.

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