News from St. Francis 2/18 – 2/25/18

The following is a statement from the Interfaith Council regarding the heinous killing of youth in Florida. May we work to change our culture that continues to create such violence.

The Board of the Interfaith Council of Southwestern CT joins hearts and spirit with the families and community of Parkland, Florida in the face of such unspeakable evil. Seventeen innocent lives have been stolen from us and at least 14 others wounded at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Our schools, which should be sanctuaries for our most prized possession- our children, clearly and sadly, are not. Our hearts are broken with yours. The Council strongly condemns these violent acts with firearms available to those who should not have them. Now is exactly the time to discuss mental health services AND responsible gun control. Let us listen to the voices of the high school students who are insisting the time is now to address this issue and who are looking to adults — families, faith communities, and local, state, and national legislators — to take responsible and immediate action.

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