News from St. Francis 2/3 – 2/10/19

Food for Thought
The perimeter of the worship space at Temple Beth-El in Stamford reminds me a great deal of the worship spaces at St. Francis. Large, clear windows comprise the majority of the sides of the sanctuary, offering parishioners literally a window into the wonder of creation that surrounds this synagogue. I suspect that Rabbi Joshua Hammerman’s folks end up daydreaming a bit because of those windows as do a number of people from St. Francis. You can’t not! With foliage changing from season to season, the clouds shape-shifting at other times, and the brilliance of the sun and sky calling you out to play, whose mind would not be drawn in? While at the weekly Wisdom Literature program last night, I spied a placard that not only recognized the architectural makeup of the sanctuary but translated it into the identity of the parish. Paraphrased, the statement read: Our sanctuary reflects our congregation. We are a community of windows not walls.
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