News from St. Francis 3/4 – 3/11/18

Our midweek Lenten services offer reflections by parishioners. The following is from Richard Leach a member at St. John’s. It’s well worth the read. . .
How our faith strengthened us in difficult times is the theme for the speakers at these services. I take “difficult times” to mean times of trouble, times of crisis or hurt – times of trial, in the words of the Lord’s prayer.
Have any of us not had those times? My life has had them. I remember one I will share.
It happened in 1983. I was in a terrible car accident and was in the hospital for several weeks. I was a pastor back then, and a number of my colleagues came to call on me. There was one in particular. I’ve forgotten his name. But I remember what he said to me. It was something like this – that this time of being bedridden, on an enforced, extended break from a pastor’s normal busy days, would be a wonderful opportunity to read the Bible and pray and deepen my spiritual life.
I don’t know how that sounds to all of you. I found it tremendously unhelpful! My prayer was that the next time this man came to see me I would be out of the room getting an x-ray or a CAT scan.

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