News from St. Francis 4/16 – 4/23/17

Eugene Burnand’s painting of Peter and John running to the tomb on Easter morning is one of my favorites. The anticipation of both men is unmistakable. Yet, it is not entirely clear if it is hope or fear that drives them. For all of us who live vacillating between the two, this depiction is a helpful reminder that nothing was set in stone. However, the affirmation of Easter, “He is risen!” is a declaration of hope that the stone, ultimately, didn’t have the last word. We may not be able to travel with Peter and John to see for ourselves, though we all know of the anticipation of and longing to glimpse or experience the presence of God, particularly when death overwhelms. May this Easter season hold glimpses of hope that sustain you as we continue the journey begun by Peter and John to the empty tomb.

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