News from St. Francis 4/22 – 4/29/18

From Ralph Nazareth. This is his speech at the recent Peace and Economic Justice Rally in Greenwich. Well worth the read.

My father was a coffee planter in India with over a hundred laborers. He inherited the plantation from his father who, in turn, did so from the British, who ran India as their private plantation for over two centuries. I grew up in independent and caste-ridden India where over fifteen percent of the population were untouchables and lived lives of abject misery and indignity. These people, now called the Dalits, number at present over 300 million. Many of my childhood memories are of the cruel mistreatment of these all-too-visible invisible people. The fact that they continue to be oppressed still, seventy years after independence, is a blight on the land of the Buddha and of Gandhi and Ambedker. I speak to you, then, as the guilt-ridden son of the Indian equivalent of a slave holder.
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