News from St. Francis 4/23 – 4/30/17

From Sunday’s sermon. . .
Within some of the carcasses of medieval cathedrals, the walls double as a storyboard and present major events in the life of Jesus. High rates of illiteracy, the inaccessibility of Latin, and the dearth of Bibles in that time, made these walls the reasonable vehicle for transmitting the Christian message. Among the scenes in many churches throughout France, Italy, Germany, and England, one might recognize the baptism of Jesus, or the feeding of the five thousand. Perhaps the raising of Lazarus, the Last Supper. Certainly, the Crucifixion and images of the Resurrection. However, time, inevitably, takes its toll. The images, far from clear and vibrant, are literally shadows of their early beauty. Chipped paint, the fade of color, and the weathering of time make some of the images almost impossible to discern.

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