News from St. Francis 4/28 – 5/5/19

Food for Thought. . .
Two items. The first is this amazing letter from the head of the Islamic Cultural Center of New York (Stamford):
It is with immense sorrow that we awoke to the senseless horror of coordinated suicide attacks on several churches and 5 star hotels in Sri Lanka. On this important religious holiday for Christians, it is very concerning to see this tragedy targeting a faith community and taking the lives of so many innocent people while praying at their places of worship.
The sermon from Easter Sunday. . .
Under the heading, less is more there is a wonderful exchange between an Inuit hunter and a missionary priest in one of Annie Dillard’s writings. The Inuit asks the local missionary priest, “If I did not know about God and sin, would I go to hell?” “No,” says the priest, “not if you did not know.” “Then why,” asks the Inuit earnestly, “did you tell me?”

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