News from St. Francis 5/12 – 5/19/19

Food for Thought. . .
As I write, I am extremely aware of the loss that has hit the St. Francis community this week. The deaths of Anne Becker and Brenda Lydecker are painful reminders of the fragility of life and the connection that we share, one with another. Thus, the week has been very difficult. On the other hand, I am keenly aware of all of the connections that existed between these individuals and a number of parishioners and others within the Stamford community that made life so rich and wonderful. The web of life allows for a depth and a fullness that we could never imagine on our own. Thus at their best, faith communities are the embodiment of support that allow us to be fully human and allow us to live into our truest selves. Indeed, Anne and Brenda were blessed by–and a blessing to–so many who knew them.

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