News from St. Francis 5/13 – 5/20/18

Food for Thought. . .
Last week, St. Francis was represented by our wardens, Kim Henderson and Sue Rutz, along with treasurer, Annette Herber, and former warden, Cathy Ostuw, at a gathering of Episcopal churches in Stamford. Similar contingents from the other Episcopal churches–St. John’s, St. Andrews, Christ the Healer, and L’Eglise de L’Epiphanie– participated. The effort is a part of what the Episcopal Church in Connecticut (ECCT) calls Faithful Futures. For those familiar with the leadership of the ECCT, the driving question presented was familiar: What is God up to in Stamford? The follow up to that question was: How can we partner with God and each other to live into what God is doing? There was a palpable spirit of goodwill and a clear desire to work together to live into these questions.

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