News from St. Francis 5/5 – 5/12/19

Food for Thought. . .
From Deborah Meyers. . . Another good reflection that began our recent vestry meeting. . .Thank you!

I am an avid worrier. I worry about everything and everyone. I have all my adult life. I worry when I’m awake and when I’m sleeping. I worry about the welfare of my 7 siblings, my daughter, my nieces and nephews. I worry about my friends and their families. I worry about the planet, the abuse and neglect inflicted upon it by the powers that be making decisions for selfish reasons. I worry about today, about tomorrow and yes, even about yesterday. Case in point, because I have been prone to nose-bleeds all my life, I carried tissues hidden beneath my bouquet on my wedding day because I worried that as I walked down the aisle my nose would begin to bleed, dripping red streaks down my white gown.

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