News from St. Francis 6/18 – 6/25/17

Perhaps the difficulty of our time is to remember what is real. The assault on truth from fake news, while not new to our public discourse, certainly possesses a power and reach that we have not witnessed. Furthermore, the Down-the-Rabbit-Hole effect of real news castigated as fake news and duping people is deeply troubling. If nothing else, the need for an educated populace in a democracy has been underscored by our current conundrum regarding what is real and what is fake.

While the implications of this dilemma for politics and policy are unbelievably important and our calling as citizens as well as Christians is to be vigilant (Luther’s distinction of the Two Kingdoms is helpful now as it was in the 16th century), I am drawn to a different consideration of remembering what is real. However, a case can be made that this different awareness possesses even greater import and engagement with what is real and what is fake.

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