News from St. Francis 6/23 – 6/30/19

The following is a slow motion video of my brother, Ross, (in the middle) niece, Michelle, (in the front) and I floating the Madison river in Montana. It is slow, but if you move the video to about :53 in, you will notice that my brother in the center is almost outside of the boat. It gets interesting. You can see what follows. . .
I use the video not to impress you with our whitewater skills or as an example of providence. While my brother was certainly fortunate not to be bounced from the float altogether, what intrigued me was his response to the whole situation. As I recall the event, it flashes in my mind’s eye almost like the slow motion video that you see. We hit a pocket in the rapids, Ross bounces in an instant, and I am looking down on my brother spread eagle on the gunnel of the boat grasping for a hand hold to pull him up.

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