News from St. Francis 6/24 – 7/1/18

Food for Thought. . .
For many, the practice of religion involves an aspect of life that moves us beyond the rational. Faith is the term that people bandy about to capture this sense of that which lies beyond reason, rationality, and the senses. One cannot prove the existence of God. Indeed, trust in God is the proverbial leap of faith.

However, faith does not necessarily mean that we cease to utilize our mental faculties or that we traffic in illogic, irrationality, and wishful thinking. Faith, as it has been understood throughout the centuries, is not that which takes away from all of our problems. An elixir for all that ails you. Rather, faith is the very trust, hope, and belief that allows us to engage more fully in the world, because we have the strength and courage–borne out of faith–to meet the various issues that face us in life clearly, confidently, and utilizing our full cognition.

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