News from St. Francis 6/4 – 6/11/17

At the recent CREDO conference that I attended near Asheville, NC, numerous stories of life and ministry were shared. The sacredness of our stories and how they express the deeper realities of our being was reaffirmed by this experience. There were, of course, many anecdotes laced with humor and silliness. Yet the expressions of breathtaking sadness that emerged were powerful. Faith, in these instances, is not so much a belief in a magician who can make all the difficulty disappear. Rather, faith is embodied in these moments as the very real and, at times, terrible placing of one foot in front of the other not knowing where it will lead just to walk through the day. Certainty, understanding, assurance are niceties that often do not reside on this side of faith. Rather the rawness of aloneness and the tentative reaching out for support is the body language of faith. Faith, in this instance, does not mean proof. Faith means seeking meaning in a world that, at the moment, seems devoid of it.

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