News from St. Francis 7/21 – 7/28/19

Food for Thought. . .

This image null is one of the panels of what is known as the Bayeux tapestry. It is a 70 meter tapestry created to tell the story of the conquering of England in 1066 by William the Conqueror (formerly the Bastard). (If you’re interested, this link will allow you to view the whole tapestry with a refreshingly interesting commentary.) It resides in a small museum in northern France in the town of Bayeux.

While the tapestry clearly enshrines William’s victory over Harold at the Battle of Hastings, there is a so much more that the tapestry possesses. Created in a time when the majority of people were illiterate, it told in picture form a larger narrative. And the story-telling that is a part of the Bayeux tapestry, while unique to this form and time, expresses so much that is a part of all of our story-telling. There is humor and tragedy, whimsy and solemnity, hope and despair, and so much more.

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