News from St. Francis 8/11 – 8/18/19

Food For Thought
The rally this Sunday that will bring people in the Stamford area together in opposition to the heinous gun violence that terrorized so many in El Paso and Dayton, as well as throughout the country, was initially an event that the Episcopal Churches in Stamford–St. John’s, St. Andrew’s, St. Francis, Epiphanie, and Betania–had planned. Initially, the rally was intended to raise school supplies for DOMUS and to focus on children heading back to school. Tragically, the gathering has morphed into an inter-religious rally focusing on the unconscionable events of last week. Perhaps in a wholly clairvoyant moment, the committee had originally invited the Executive Director of Connecticut Against Gun Violence to speak. How tragically prescient this choice was. Regardless, the gathering is important for people to come together, to offer comfort and solace, as well as support and renewed commitment to prevent such atrocities in our own community as well as throughout our country.

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