News from St. Francis 9/30 -10/7/18

At our most recent vestry meeting, Gene Conti offered the following reflection. It is honest, and I suspect resonates with many of us at various points in life. Thank you, Gene . . .

When it was requested of me several months ago that I write a “reflection” for this month’s meeting, for weeks on-end I kept asking myself “what am I going to write about”? My family and our ups and downs? My friends that are Christians and the few that SO are not? Current world events? Immigration? Politics? Our new life at St. Francis? Or our old life as “guilty” Catholics?
As you can see, many choices, some comfortable, some not. So in the following weeks I decided I would take a completely different approach & tell you about my own personal and ongoing struggles with my faith.

Yes, I’m going there, yes, it’s uncomfortable for me, but I’m considering it a form of “confession”

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