Overview / Description

There are many ways, both formal and informal, that lay people are engaged in the ministry of St. Francis Parish.  Several of the formal ministries are described below. For more  information on these, or  to learn about other ways to become more involved at St. Francis, contact Rev. Mark Lingle (marklingle.pastor@gmail.com)  

Chalice Bearers

Chalice bearers are responsible for several important activities within each service. They lead the procession into the church, read the Prayers of the People, receive the offerings from the usher for blessing, assist with the Eucharist and extinguish the candles at the end of the service. Training is provided. Contact Audrey Rocco (audwee@gmail.com).

Lay Readers

A lay reader leads certain services of worship or lead certain parts of a service. At St. Francis Church, Lay Readers read the Old Testament readings each Sunday, and lead the congregation in the weekly Psalm.  

Lay Eucharistic Visitor Ministry

Part social, part spiritual, the Lay Eucharistic Visitor (LEV) ministry is a wonderful way to connect with parishioners who are unable to join us for worship. Each week, two LEV’s bring bread and wine, blessed during services, to our shut-ins. While there, LEV’s hold a short service that includes communion. News of the parish, greetings from others, and any special intention requests are shared. The parishioners we visit are always happy to see us and never fail to express their profound gratitude. Contact Rev. Debra Slade (debra.slade@gmail.com).