Overview / Description

God’s work is present in all activities that St. Francis parishioners undertake for their fellow members and the community.  From pastoral care, prayer group, and Eucharist for the homebound, to programs such as serving meals to the homeless, St. Francis is devoted to sharing God’s grace.  

Sign of Peace

The Sign of Peace is a ceremonial gesture, usually a handshake or a hug, that is exchanged during the Celebration of the Eucharist.  It is a sign of welcome and union in the Church, and is always lively at St. Francis!! 

Food for the Hungry

St. Francis Parishioners regularly serve meals at local shelters and residential programs and collect groceries that are delivered to The Food Bank.  In this photo, St. Francis parishioners are loading groceries on "Load-a-Truck Weekend"  which is a friendly competition among local houses of worship.

Book Group

The St. Francis Book Club meets about six times per year and every Sunday during Lent following the 10:00 am Sunday service. The books cover a variety of genres, and the discussions are lively and informative. A reading list is posted in the monthly parish newsletter.  We discuss a book for a given month, and delve into a specific text during the Sundays in Lent. Please join us when you are able. Contact Rev. Mark Lingle (marklingle.pastor@gmail.com).